About Us


The boundaries, outlined in red above, indicate the area in the county for which SMAD conducts mosquito control activities.

Welcome to the web site for Summit Mosquito Abatement District (SMAD)! We provide mosquito control services within Summit County.  The district has 20 employees who work throughout the mosquito season (from about April to September) going to nearly every corner of the county to find and eliminate mosquito populations.  Our mission is not to completely eradicate mosquitoes but to enhance residents' health and quality of life by suppressing diseases and reducing the annoyance levels caused by mosquitoes.  Based on the positive feedback we have received from residents, we believe that our services are achieving the intended goal.  

The district was first organized in 1983 as North Summit Mosquito Abatement District, providing services to communities in the northern part of the county. Concerned with the introduction of West Nile Virus into the county in 2002, the remaining communities were annexed into the district and began receiving mosquito control services, thus the change from North Summit Mosquito Abatement District to Summit Mosquito Abatement District.  

Communication and cooperation with residents, property owners, and other governmental agencies are critical in our efforts to reduce mosquito populations. SMAD strives to be open and responsive to the needs and requests of county residents.