No Spray Request

Summit Mosquito Abatement District operates under authority granted in the Utah Code 17B-2a-703. It gives the District legal right to enter any area within District boundaries to conduct mosquitoes abatement activities for the purpose of protecting public health.

We recognize some may not wish to have adult mosquito control in their area including those with health concerns, beekeepers, organic farmers, and others with legitimate concerns about the use of pesticides. The District will honor NO SPRAY Requests within 300 feet of your property as requested, to the extent possible.

Most people having health-related concerns can satisfactorily minimize these concerns by closing doors, windows and vents in their homes between sunset and midnight during the mosquito season (May – September) when fogging occurs. Because all pesticides are EPA registered and are applied safely according to label instructions the majority will not need to take any special precautions.

Individuals with special medical problems attributed to insecticide exposure may submit a NO SPRAY Request with a physician's note acknowledging pesticide sensitivity.

Beekeepers and organic farmers and others with legitimate concerns about the use of pesticides may also submit a NO SPRAY Request indicating in detail the subject of their concern.

To request being put on the NO SPRAY List, please submit a NO SPRAY Request form.

All requests will be reviewed within two business days and we will contact you once your request has been processed and with any additional questions. All requests are valid only through the end of the year in which they were submitted and will need to be renewed annually to maintain NO SPRAY status.

Please keep in mind that any and all NO SPRAY Requests are not guaranteed as the District is obligated to protect the public health foremost and must take all precautions in the event of a West Nile Virus, Western Equine Encephalitis, or other mosquito borne disease outbreak. In this event we will make every attempt to contact those with NO SPRAY Requests ahead of time where possible.

The District reserves the right to change this policy at any time as needed.